Spaghetti with Desi Flavours

I had posted a picture of this dish on my Instagram sometime back and a few of you asked me for the recipe, so here it is! This recipe is inspired by one of my mom’s dishes, which we all lovingly call “green aloo ki sabji”

This spaghetti dish is made up of a very simple sauce, which includes coriander and mint leaves. Coriander is a staple in every Indian household and hence one can easily whip up this dish!


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Bblunt Curl Defining Leave-In Cream Review

Honestly, I’ve never really been a huge fan of poker straight hair and have always loved having wavy or curly hair! My hair was naturally straight but after getting them cut into tons of layers all the time, they’ve become quite wavy! To enhance the waviness, I thought of giving this product a shot!

I was not going to review this product since it’s already been spoken about quite a bit, but the results made me share it with all of you! Let us move on to the review now:


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Nykaa Haul

There are discounts going on almost everywhere and it’s way too difficult to not give into the temptation! So Nykaa had this huge Christmas sale going on and I had to take advantage of it! Unfortunately, I had placed an order on Nykaa just a few days before the sale began *headbang* and then to make use of the discounts, I placed an other order 😛

So today, I would like to share what all I bought! Let us begin:


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Winter Skin Care Essentials | Volume 3

Hey guys! How’s it going? Is it really cold where you are? Because the temperature here, in Mumbai, doesn’t seem to go below 28 degrees!

I have super dry lips and hence I need to have a lip balm on all the time or else my lips feel just so uncomfortable! So today, in the third and final part of my Winter Skin Care Essentials series, I’m going to discuss a few lip balms, which you could try out this winter!


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Winter Skin Care Essentials | Volume 1

I had been to Pune this weekend and the weather there was just brilliant, not too cold yet really pleasant! I’m waiting for it to get at least a little chilly here in Mumbai! How cold is it where you stay? Let me know in the comments section below!

I’ve been dealing with extremely dry and eczema-prone skin half my life and hence have used a variety of products to deal with my issues. Since in winters, most of us have to tackle dry skin, I thought of listing down a few products that have worked really well for me. While my next 2 posts will be dedicated to moisturizers and lip balms, today I would be talking about a few body cleansers! Let us begin:


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